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little bit above because of the breeze. what will it be like as we go into the weekend? hours from now boeings dream liner will begin its service from san jose. we do have breaking news involving the safety of that jet. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this friday morning. brian flores has the morning off. steve paulson is here. it is very cold this morning. >> it is indeed. no doubt about it. we have 30s. although there is a little bit enough of obese. you can still there is a lot of moisture screaming down on the west. inland it will be a cool and breezy day. here is sal. we have a major crash in berkeley on 80 eastbound that has been blocking lanes for a bit. you can still see activity
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there for a bit. let's go to tara moriarty who is there on the scene with more details. good morning, tara. >> reporter: it's a little hard to hear you out here because it's so noisy. we're on the university avenue overpass. i don't know if you can see where the flashing lights are. that is the westbound direction. on the other side is where the accident happened it looks like all lanes are clear. but if we take a look at the video we shot a couple minutes ago you can see there is a charcoal gray colored car. it hit the center divider. the car spun out right near the ash by avenue exit and another car came along and broadsided it. two more cars were involved in the crash. four cars total. we understand the driver of the initial car is a male driver.
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he was transported to a nearby hospital. we don't know the extent of his injuries. if you look at the video you can tell he got hit pretty badly there. initially the chp issued a sig alert. three lanes of track were blocked off. it looks like just as of a couple minutes ago all the lanes are back open. so a commuter should be in pretty good shape. but there is a little backup to contend with right now. i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. also breaking news this morning in the north bay. a young person has been found dead at a marin county apartment complex. claudine wong is son the scene as sheriffs deputies received a number of calls of gunfire. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. let me give you a look at what is happening right now. we're at this apartment complex in marin city. down there you can see active police work just beyond that canna by that has been set up is the victim who is a
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juvenile. we're still trying to get information right now. police officer said he will talk to us in a couple minutes. they have been actively working this scene for several hours now. let me give you a look at video shot earlier this morning when this all happened. there were multiple calls came in about gunshots fired. we do not know if that is how the victim died. we do know that is what brought police to the scene here. earlier there were a lot of people autohere. we have seen some people walking around. but again police tell us they will be out here for quite awhile. if we come back out here live they are looking to be here for quite a bit. i see the police officer who said he was going to talk to and give us all the information he can. getting ready to come out of that sheriffs van. we'll talk to him and get all
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the latest details. live in marin city claudine wong. police in fremont say a home on party court is the scene of the city's first homicide of the new year. officers found the body of a 48- year-old inside the home early yesterday evening. two hours later a 27-year-old man showed up at the fremont police station with the suspected murder weapon to turn himself in. both of the victim and suspect lived at the home but police did not disclose the nature of their relationship or a motive. we are keeping an eye on the weather this morning. a freeze warning and frost advisory has been issued all across the bay area. volunteers will be reaching out to the homeless to make sure they are able to keep warm. all 138 beds at the catholic charity shelter in santa rosa are filled to help those that are still out in the cold. workers will be handing out blankets and gloves and other supplies in downtown santa rosa this morning. in san jose church members
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handed out blank ills in homeless camps. >> there are 7,000 people thalian the street -- people that live on the streets in san jose. >> they passed out more than 7,000 blankets in san jose. just to give you an idea how cold it is in the south bay take a look at this video from mount hamilton. the wintery conditions attracted a lot of visitors that wanted to get an up close look. steve paulson will have your full forecast in a few minutes. and also don't forget you can check your temperatures in your area on our website just go to the weather section at just 35 minutes ago the faa ordered a comprehensive review of the new boeing 787. that is the jet liner scheduled to make its first bay area flight from san jose later today. this morning in japan two more
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problems were reported with the dream liner. cracks appeared in a cockpit window of one jet. that is a problem that has happened twice before. and oil was discovered leaking from another jet after a flight. the faa is already investigating three u.s. incidents and plans a news conference in two hours. ktvu janine de la vega will have more throughout the morning. time now 4:34. joe biden meets at the white house today with representatives of the video game industry as he continues to get input on proposals to combat gun violence in the united states. biden says he will present recommendations to president obama next tuesday. yesterday the vice president met with representatives from the entertainment industry and gun owners groups. the president of the national rifle association says he's disappointed with the meeting. >> they knew going into this meeting what the president's position on the so-called assault weapon ban is. it's the same he's taken in
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years. these are not new positions. the vice president said we do this with an open mind. at the meeting he said no we made up our mind on that. >> the nra says it will not allow quote law-abiding gun owners to be blamed for the acts of criminals and madmen. two families are suing oikos university over last years deadly shooting rampage in oakland. seven people died when suspected gunman juan koa opened fire. the lawsuit was filed in alameda county yesterday by families of two of the victims. the school should have known he was to pose a serious danger to students because of the disagreements he had with the university staff beforehand. school safety is now a big issue at bay area schools following the deadly shooting in newtown, connecticut. just yesterday a student was injured in a school shooting in
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california. the super bowl may not necessarily mean super returns for santa clara. the new 49er stadium is one of the three finalists to host the big game in 2016 or 2017. but the mercury news reports the nfl has given santa clara a new lists of demands. they include tax breaks and leasing the stadium and local venues at much lower rates than normal. santa clara leaders are meeting to discuss if the city can make any money. green bay packers fans are starting to arrive in the bay area. it's hard to miss them. they are decked out in packers colors and have packed several hotels including the sheraton fisherman's wharf. >> loud and proud. you've got to represent. i love it. [ laughter ] not all cities i would probably feel that way. but they are good here. >> sports bars will run
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specials on game day and at the nfl shop at pier 39 hot item is san francisco answer to the cheese head. a $40, 49ers gold nugget head. tune to ktvu tomorrow for complete game day coverage. we begin our coverage with playoff play book at 4:00. and foxes pregame show at 4:30. kickoff just after 5:00. don't forget after the game you can join sports director mark eastbound these for the point after. 4:37 is the time. hopefully sal during that show we're talking about a really great win for the 49ers. >> you and me both, pam. we'll see about that. it's going to be a tough one. let's go out -- let's start all over again. let's take a look at the pictures. we did have that earlier accident we were talking about eastbound 80. that crash has been cleared. we have flairs that are still burning out on the eastbound
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side. for the most part traffic is light. westbound traffic looks pretty good heading out past the scene. you'll see traffic moving well to the bay bridge toll plaza. at the toll plaza it is light getting into san francisco. we're also looking at the peninsula and highway 101 is doing well. so is 280 down the peninsula. let's go to steve. we have a frost and freeze advisory. temperatures are being held up by a north wind. if that were to collapse and temperatures would plunge. right now a lot of temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. again we have another three or four hours before things could take a dip. this system still dropping down. a lot of very cold air. and right alodge the coast it will be another day it could be oh so close. 30 in fairfield. some temperatures 30s and 40s. if it went from 10 miles an hour to zero we drop ten degrees along some of these lows. looks like a day similar to
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yesterday. although again a zig or zag on some of these patterns. and very, very low snow level. inland it's really tough. kind of a drier pattern off the coast. the ocean feeds that colder air and that allows for development and cloud. breezy and cold. 20s and 30s and 40s. but again for saturday morning it's going to be cold and same for sunday morning. sunday morning could be the coldest. but you know next week looks better. today mostly sunny to partly cloudy. again toward the coast more clouds possible. upper 40s and low 50s. tomorrow is that iffy day. there will be one more system really cold. there is a 24 for sunday. that won't be the coast or bay. it does look like warmer weather. >> thank you, steve. time is 4:40. a teenager fighting for his life. s reason the gunman targeted that particular student. we have a sad update about
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a reptile guarding a stash of marijuana inside a home in the east bay. good morning, westbound highway 4 looks pretty good as you come up to the will low pass grade. we'll tell you more about the morning traffic and weather. jack!
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good morning. cold. we have frost and freeze warnings out. a little bit of a breeze and a few clouds are keeping temperatures from getting too cold. it will be a partly sunny and partly cloudy cool and breezy day. suspects in a bizarre plot could be released from jail by the end of the day. so far prosecutors have -- police say a young woman plotted with her lover and three others to commit a home invasion robbery. they say it was an attempt to scare the man and make him want to move out of the couples home. the plot turned deadly when the husband fatally stabbed the man who broke into the home. the exotic pet found guarding a marijuana stash has
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died. mr. teeth was a 16-year-old kay men. sheriffs deputies say they found him inside a castro valley home on wednesday next to $100,000 worth of pot. he was taken to the oakland zoo in critical condition and died several hours later. the owner appeared in court yesterday on drug charges. he's also facing animal abuse charges. time is 4:44. there is is an arraignment hearing today for the colorado movie theater shooting suspect. that is after a judge ruled there is enough evidence for him to stand trial on 150 felony charges. 12 people died. 58 others were injured in that attack. the suspect is supposed to enter a plea this morning. the lawyers will likely ask the court for a delay. we're learning new details about a high school shooting in central california that left a student fighting for his life. that shooting happened in taft which is south of bakersfield. the 16-year-old took the gun
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from his brother and targeted students that had bullied him for the past year. surveillance video shows the boy trying to hide the gun as he entered through a side entrance at the school. once inside he shot one student, targeted another before a teacher was able to talk him into surrendering. the shooting comes less than four weeks after a gunman killed 20 children and six adults at the elementary school in connecticut. that has many bay area schools looking at security on campus. in martinez the district has added a new policy where teachers must keep their doors locked during the school day. eventually they plan to add columbine style locks so teachers can secure doors from the inside. >> in talking to the police department what we determined anything you can do that is seen as a deterrent is one way to slow down an intruder if they are on campus. >> some are also telling us here they are not in favor of arming teachers but some are
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interested in bringing resource officers to campuses that don't already have one. governor brown unvailed his new budget with something not seen in many years in california a surplus. the governor says california's budget deficit has disappeared thanks to new tax revenue from proposition 30 and spending cuts. the state is finally spending less money than it takes in. >> right now for the next four years we're talking about a balanced budget. we are talking about living within our means. this is new. this is a breakthrough. >> governor brown's budget calls for increased funding to education. $2.7billion more to k-12 schools and $250 million to each of the csu and uc systems. all of this due to voter approved tax hikes in november under proposition 30. 4:47 is the time. campbell soup has outlined its plans for laying off all the workers at its sacramento
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plant. the first 290 workers will be out of work on february 1st. more employees will lose its job. this week oil tanker accident could lead to big changes for big ships passing under the bay bridge. state safety board is considering tough new restrictions for tankers heading in and out of the bay in foggy weather. on monday, an empty oil tanker sideswiped the bridge tower causing millions of dollars in damage. this week's accident came five years after the costco oil spill disaster there. until now they believed that a quake felt on the northern part of the saundra warehouse fault which runs through the bayer would not spread to southern california. they also thought the reverse was true because both sections
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are locked. but the central section of the fault creeps which they say provides a buffer zone. new information after the 2011 japanese quake has proved that theory is wrong. the number of flu cases continues to go up. that has local doctors telling people get your flu shot. between september and december there were more than 22,000 reported flu cases. the cdc says this season on track to be the worst in a decade. >> i have had asthma in the past. so i was high risk. so i always got the flu shot. >> now if you do get a shot doctors say it takes up to two weeks to become effective. >> 4:49 is the time. let's check back in with sal. i know we had that earlier accident that shut down 80. that is much better now. it is much better now. east 80 as you drive between ashby and university the lanes have been reopened. there are a couple flares that need to burn out but that is
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it. traffic is moving well in both directions. big change from even an hour ago when we have those lanes blocked. morning commute at westbound bay bridge looks good. no major problems into the city and along the bring. pretty cold out there. the roads are looking pretty good on 101 and 280. no major problems in san jose or the south bay. northbound 101 and 280 are all looking good. we're off to a good start on the san mateo and dumbarton bridge as well. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. no clouds and sun today. that temperature drop continues. although the wind is holding things upright now. more cloud cover will continue to go right along parallel to the coast. that is the best opportunity for any kind of isolated or scattered showers. but maybe inland today. and again if we can get moisture snow levels would be very, very low. you can see where the moisture is right now.
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continues to favor areas coming down the coast and inland. there is also a north wind that is holding most temperatures up. if the wind would collapse this would drop a good 5-10 degrees. right now it's 30s and 40s. a little system just dropping straight down. that is one of the toughest of forecast. they are compact and fast little movers. you know 25-50 miles an hour in the atmospheres means the difference between partly cloudy or clear and cold and rain. 20s and 30s here for this morning. not as many 20s yet. tomorrow frost again. sunday looks to be the coldest. at least in the morning. cool and breezy. again those near the coast or to the west probably a better opportunity. upper 40s and low 50s. doesn't matter coast, bay, inland. it will be a cool, breezy day. sunday morning looks very cold inland and better weather
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monday and tuesday. even by this time next week i will be saying warm. >> okay sounds good. 4:51 is the time right now. the big rig that plunged 30 feet after a freeway and burst into flames. we talk to the first good samaritan on the scene. and his goal is to keep the streets safe. the real life super hero making his way around the north bay.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is 4:53. a lack of funding is forcing four fire stations in contra costa county to close next week. fire houses in martinez, clayton, lafayette, and walnut creek will all be effected starting tuesday. concerned community members atepidded a meeting -- attended a meeting last night. voters failed to pass a parcel tax last november that would have saved to keep the stations open. the district says there will be no layoffs. there will be another public meeting in lafayette on tuesday. we want to follow up on a story we first reported yesterday on mornings on 2. the morning news and mornings on 2. a pickup truck crashed into a
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big rig on highway 37 in vallejo. the big rig core recented over the railing scene plummeted 30 feet. three good samaritans pulled the driver out from that burning wreckage. the driver 43-year-old william ballard lost consciousness. he later died. >> it tears you up every time. especially for an accident like this. it's something the guy was going to work. driving to work. >> the paramedic suffered second degree burns to his left arm. he's hoping to find the two other good samaritans that risked their lives and wants to thank them. a real life batman is now fighting crime on the streets of petaluma. the man known as petaluma batman has become a facebook sensation. just like batman he wants to keep his identity secret. during the day he's a college student. during the night he slips -- he says he's not trying to do the
4:57 am
police police departments job. if he sees crime he posts it to the police. 4:55 is the time. sal has traffic. >> traffic is doing pretty well. good morning, to you. you know we're off to a decent start. we had a couple things early for the morning that may have caused problems. right now on eastbound freeways we will start there. traffic looks pretty good on interstate 880 as you drive past the coliseum. both direction there is. no major problems heading north or south. bay bridge toll plaza that traffic is looking good westbound as you come up to the bay bridge. no problems getting into san francisco. we've been looking at road work on the dumbarton bridge. eastbound. that is not causing a big delay. 4:56 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. frost advisory freeze warning even though overnight lows are not held up. friend of mine observer kent is
4:58 am
in west santa rosa. 30 and 40s. the temperatures are not critical yet. it's cold. believe me that wind stops temperatures will take a plunge here. very similar pattern than we had yesterday. coming straight down the favorable areas. along the coast. although today i think inland will get a little bit more in the way of buildups. 30s and 40s. the breeze is really keeping things a lot warmer than it could be. there is a little system clipping to the north. that will move in a little later. cool and breezy after a cool morning. isolated showers possible today. highs really struggling again. upper 40s, very, very low 50s. it's coast bay and inland. livermore only 49. santa cruz 52. breezy and chilly. another system drops in on saturday. really cold sunday morning. after that next week looking sunny and gradually warmer. coming up next boeings
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dream liner will take off from san jose for the first time this morning. but there is also developing news this morning directly tied to the safety of that jet. overnight news from marin county. officers still on the scene of a deadly attack. we'll be right back.

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